Saturday, September 8th, 12:00 - 10:00 PM

Spiral Sounds, along with several other house concert venues based in Jersey City and Manhattan, are again having their annual music festival where they will present 10 of their favorite musical acts.  Located in the historic downtown area, three blocks to the Grove Street Path station and just a stone's throw from Manhattan, Jersey City again becomes a major player in the folk world when it hosts the Hudson West Folk Festival on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at Grace Church, (39 Erie St., Jersey City).

Listen to performances from both nationally-known artists and highly regarded regional acts through out the day (click artists for videos). 

Harpeth Rising 

Sunny War 

Blue Yonder 

Blackie Farrell 

Stephane Wrembel trio 

Evie Ladin & Keith Terry 

Kirsten Maxwell 

Vicki Kristina Barcelona 

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes 

Freedy Johnston

Spiral Sounds is a house-concert series within the New York City metro area.  Located in Paulus Hook, a Victorian waterside neighborhood of Jersey City, our venue provides an intimate setting for acoustic music in an 1870 Victorian townhouse.   

Hudson West Fest is a group of house concert owners passionate about music and have all been deeply involved in presenting music over the years in Jersey City and Manhattan.  In 2016, we decided to pool our efforts and create a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization manned by professionals that volunteer time and knowledge to present a premier festival.


Our Vision  

We want to enable fine musicians to earn a living from their art.  We want to help discerning people hear high quality music.  Our vision is to pull these two groups together for the sustenance and enjoyment of both.  

Our current focus is upon acoustic based musicians that are professionals but without that big music label contract yet, or those musicians that still have their day jobs and are on the cusp of earning a living full time from their craft. Our audience is generally made up of musically informed people, other musicians, and those that just love live music.  

As most musicians now hit the road in order to earn their living, House Concerts have become a wonderful alternative to the bar scene. Live-music loving people open their homes for a more intimate experience to hear music and musicians obtain donations at the house concerts, more often with better income than from the bars and nightclubs.  Musicians and audience often chat over snacks and drink in the kitchen, a bond and a community are often found in these venues that can not be found elsewhere in the musical world.  

House concerts are the platform we have chosen to bring our two groups together, musicians and a music loving audience, so that we can enable the ongoing support of our musical culture